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Hi I’m Tanmaya!

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Hi Dear Readers!

I’m Tanmaya Godbole, the author of Her Travel Edit.

I’m not the typical blogger who quit her 9 – 5 job to travel all over the world, all the time. I work full-time as a Software Engineer, and love the analytical, technical side of my job. Watching the software I write come alive as a product used by millions of people is so rewarding!

However, I have always been passionate about writing. Since I first learned to write, my favorite accessories were a notepad and pen. I am equally passionate about sharing my experiences, and the moments I enjoy, in the hopes that others could experience them too! Starting a travel blog was the most obvious outcome, and I hope that I can make this as enjoyable to read, as it is to write.

I started traveling before I could even walk, and I don’t think I will ever stop. Travel is my single best teacher – because through traveling I learned to open my eyes wider, to talk to strangers (yes, I know our parents told us not to), to wake up early and beat the crowds, to turn bad experiences into funny stories, to take better pictures, to retain historical and scientific knowledge better than through just reading about it, and so much more.

A month before my 18th birthday, I hopped on a plane from Pune, India to Austin, Texas to gain a foreign education, and this journey has been my most rewarding travel experience. The Art of Slow Travel is to spend 9 years in a country and still learn something new about it every single day. So, I think I could say that I am actually traveling all the time, because travel really is somewhat a state of mind.

In my last five years in the corporate world, I have used up every bit of my 3 weeks/year (and more!) vacation to travel the world and experience the amazing! I would like to help you do the same.

What I Mean by ‘Travel’

I think Travel has become somewhat of an overused word lately, and there might be more travel inspiration out there than is strictly necessary.

So then, why create a website dedicated to help people travel? It’s because I define travel a little bit differently.

Travel, to me, is not just being physically present at a different place, checking off a bucket list. It doesn’t mean saying, “I’ve visited 50+ countries in the world”, unless you actually understand what those 50 countries stand for, and what the people there experience day to day. It means taking your time, and actually experiencing and learning new things, every day of your life.

Travel can be a lifestyle, even if you don’t physically move from place to place every other week. The dictionary defines ‘Travel’ as “taking a journey”. I add a little more to my definition, saying that “Travel is taking a journey through life, every day learning a bit more about the world, soaking in rich new experiences that enhance our journey, and those we journey with”.  You could find the most fulfilling travel experiences in your backyard, and that is why I think it is possible for everyone to travel!

This website will not just inspire you to ‘travel’ but will actually give you the resources to do so!

x x x

Thank you so much for stopping by, and reading all the way to the end of this monologue!

I’m so excited for you to read even more and ride along for the adventure! <3

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